Imagine Dragons | Review

Reviewed on 21 Nov 2015
  • Event review

    Friday night the Barclaycard arena witnessed an incredible set from none other than Imagine Dragons on their world-wide Smoke & Mirrors tour! The band mixed old favourites such as It’s time with a lot of tracks from their new album.

    The Las Vegas born band kicked things off with an electrifying performance of one of their newest singles Shots which really got the crowd going for what was set to be an awesome gig. Lead singer Dan had great stage presence and used the bit of the stage sticking in to the crowd to its full potential getting the girls in the front row screaming their appreciation as he launched in to Trouble and It’s time from their first album Night Vision.

    The band paid their respects to recent events from Paris by slowing down the tempo with an emotional version of I Was Me, which saw the crowd paying their respects by raising their phone with the lights switched on. The sight from the stands was truly spectacular and very moving. This was followed by a lengthy guitar solo by lead guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon, which got the crowd pumped up again.

    This lead to the most animated point of the night with the band playing I’m So Sorry, a real fan favourite from their newest album. The standing area was really bouncing by this point and the atmosphere was kept up as Dan interacted with the crowd in the build-up to the next track Gold.

    Imagine Dragons had too many great hits to cram into the set so this was solved by a small mix of Amsterdam, Fallen and a person favourite of mine Second Chances. The crowd really appreciated this mix of old more well-known song with newer tracks.

    The show was wrapped up with yet more hits from Night Vision, including Demons, On Top of the World and Bleeding Out. This was followed by another fan favourite of I Bet My Life which saw the majority of the crowd fist pumping along. The set was finished on arguably their most famous song of Radioactive, which my favourite song of the evening.

    As the band left the stage chants of “one more song” started and the lights remained dimmed... After a short pause a huge cheer erupted as the band returned to the stage to give the crowd one last tune of The Fall which was a great way to end a captivating show. 


    I personally left buzzing, feeling that I’d got a good balance of music from both of their albums. I would definitely go see them again.

    Reviewed by   Martin Clarke