Queen & Adam Lambert | Review

Reviewed on 23 Jan 2015
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    There is nothing better than 15,000+ people with their hands in the air singing along to ‘We Will Rock You’. Fact!

    Now I grew up on Queen (many of my childhood car journeys spent re-enacting the video to Bohemian Rhapsody in true Wayne’s World fashion with my family) so I was a little apprehensive about new frontman Adam Lambert however he definitely didn’t disappoint. His camp charisma filled the whole arena whilst maintaining, to his credit, a performance which was so much more than just an imitation.

    Brian May and Roger Taylor were on fine form throughout the 2+ hour set – there was no need for any support act. Classic after classic, from ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ to ‘Don’t stop me now’, from ‘Break Free’ to ‘Killer Queen’. They played them all in a suitably flamboyant stage show full of lasers, smoke and elaborate costume changes.

    A touching tribute from Roger Taylor to Freddie in ‘These are the days of our lives’ introduced a slightly self-indulgent mid-section of guitar solos and drum battles - but we’ll let them off, they are rock legends after all!

    Queen have always been known for their showmanship, and this gig was no exception. The crowd, young and old, loved every minute but there was one final highlight before the encore. Freddie Mercury appeared on screen, his voice echoing round the Barclaycard Arena, in a spectacular duet of Bohemian Rhapsody - slightly surreal yes, but weirdly wonderful at the same time.

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    Adam Lambert, more than exceeded expectations as the new King of Queen, whilst May and Taylor satisfied our need for the classic Queen experience. Great gig… God Save the Queen!!

    Reviewed by   Hannah Wood